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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Draft Pig Chapter

A couple of quick updates on the Hadoop book I'm writing. The Pig chapter is now available on Safari. It still has a few holes, but I'd love to hear feedback on it.

Also included is a Hadoop case study from Thanks to Adrian Woodhead and Marc de Palol for writing it.


Geoff said...

First impression of the Pig chapter is very positive. I like the structure that you've chosen. More anon.

Tom White said...

Thanks Geoff!

Amit Saha said...

Hello Tom,

I have been reading your book in the RoughCuts version. I have a lot of interest in Hadoop and distributed computing n general. So, good work for the book!

I just read the use case on Nice Read!

Good Luck!

Jens Riboe said...

I recently start reading your Hadoop (RoughCuts) book and it is great. Looking forward to its completion.

Today I discovered your blog, which is even better. However, it would be good idea to link to your blog (perhaps via the book's forum).

The reason is that I just downloaded an updated PDF and wanted to find out what was new and modified. I sent support@oreilly an email making the suggestion of a 'release notes'. I got back a general email describing how to donwload PDFs from Safari... ;-)

My conclusion is, reading your blog answers my question of what is new/updated and perhaps adding that link I mentioned above to the RoughCuts page or its forum, might save some silly mail exchanges with support@oreilly.

BTW) please check out your book's forum from time to time. Previously, I left a question there, which perhaps I should repeat as a comment on one of your book related blog entries.