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Short version

Tom White is an Apache Hadoop committer and author of "Hadoop: the Definitive Guide" published by O'Reilly.

Long version

Tom White is one of the foremost experts on Hadoop. He has been an Apache Hadoop committer since February 2007, and is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation. Tom is a software engineer at Cloudera, where he has worked, since its foundation, on the core distributions from Apache and Cloudera. Previously he was an independent Hadoop consultant, working with companies to set up, use, and extend Hadoop. He has written numerous articles for O’Reilly, and IBM’s developerWorks, and has spoken at many conferences, including ApacheCon and OSCON. Tom has a B.A. in mathematics from the University of Cambridge and an M.A. in philosophy of science from the University of Leeds, UK. He currently lives in Wales with his family.

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