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Monday, 16 July 2007

Why are there no Amazon S3/EC2 competitors?

Amazon's storage and compute services (S3 and EC2 respectively) are widely seen as game changers. So, almost one year on from EC2's launch, why is it that there are no competitors in this space? One commenter on Artur Bergman's post entitled Amazon Web Services and the lack of a SLA made the good point that a "competitive utility computing market" would effectively solve any disaster recovery problems, and make such services even more popular.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports a rumour that Amazon will offer a MySQL web service by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

way better than Amazon S3

David F. said...

Well, apparently there are now. Since this post is coming up for "ec2 competitor" I thought I'd point to a post I just made (at url in id (below?)), and also to I'm mostly wondering whether anyone would use a non-amazon commercial ec2 clone - drop a line if you would.

David said...

Maybe Joyent
They have partnered with Facebook and Sun, and at this moment, they are offering a free year of platform use (though with some limitations). As one might expect, Amazon AWS is still more promiment - and prices are more competitive -.